Garden Tables & Table Accessories

Do you take pride in your Garden? Do you like to impress your guests? Then check out our Range of Garden Tables and sets that include stools and chairs.



We stock a selection of Quality Nest Tables. Come on in and browse…

Genuine Scandinavian Style Coffee Tables

At Moble, we stock Genuine Scandinavian Style Coffee Tables designed by KOKOON.  There are a lot of sellers in the UK who offer cheap remakes from China and we are not one of them! For 100% customer satisfaction be sure to check out our KOKOON Danish range where you can view a huge range of Nordic style Tables and purchase one to your liking. KOKOON are a designer brand based in Belgium.

Our Danish Designer style range of Coffee tables encompass simplistic design, and are manufactured from natural materials and hues that are muted.


From £59.99


Want to accompany your table with a stool or chair? Why not come on in and browse our range. We have a large selection of branded seating as well as contemporary.
So whether you are looking for something alternative shaped or traditional, we have it.

We are one of UK’s best suppliers for Branded designer Coffee Tables online. We stock a vast range of intricate designed tables for people in the ‘know’ about brands. This range is higher end and for customers wishing to lavishly design their homes to a finer taste. So come on in and explore our huge range of Italian designed and made Coffee tables and furniture.


Solid Wooden Coffee Tables

Specialists in Solid Wooden Furniture. We supply Quality Walnut, Oak, Mango, Acacia, Teak and much more to name a few. Styles such as Vintage & Retro, Shabby Chic, Dark Wood, Smoked Glass, Mid Century, Mirrored Tables and also Cart style Tables.

Möble Furniture UK are a specialist in the field and a trusted seller you can count on. Our customer services are at the forefront of our business. We are based in London with our warehouse in Kent and readily have contemporary coffee tables and furniture for same week dispatch. Do not wait 4-6 weeks for delivery of contemporary tables. Order from us today! Are you looking for a Coffee table for your living room? Solid Wood Coffee tables are our specialty but we do also supply some in glass, plastic, metal and brass also. We have tables to suit the individual. From Bedside tables, nest tables, lounge tables to garden tables and much more. We are constantly updating our database so please make sure you call back to see our updated range.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass Coffee Tables have long been used as modern furniture in homes since the 20th century and before.  On our website you may find many Glass Coffee tables, side tables, dining tables and even nest of tables. With all sorts of shapes and sizes from small round, too large round, rectangular, square or other. Strong and versatile and useful , glass Tables have long been a living room centerpiece. We have anti smudge and anti glare glass tables also within our Modern range. Please be sure to have a thorough look as we stock something best suited for the individuals taste.

Marble Coffee Tables

At möble we sell a range of Marble Tables and Coffee Tables. You may find Marble Tables under our Modern products section. If you really take your home seriously and would like to enhance its elegance and style then be sure to check our range out.  Marble Tables will withstand time. When glass may eventually break or wood may wear down, Marble truly is one of natures gifts. You may find a perfect colored marble table within our range. Perhaps polished finish, more rough or finished with other special elements.  We stock Marble Coffee tables in various sizes, diameters, heights and shapes. Be it round, square or rectangle. We are the one stop shop for everything tables.

Coffee Tables with Storage

Are you limited for space in your home? Do you try to utilize space within every bit of furniture? If so we can help. At möble we have a vast range of Coffee Tables, Console Tables, Side Tables and more that encompass internal storage. Please check our Contemporary range and also Modern Range for Tables with Storage.

Metal Coffee Tables

Do you fancy something more metallic? If so we have a large number of Metal Tables. We do not sell cheap metal tables from China that break when assembling or bend within a month or so, as a lot of sellers do online and do not inform the buyer either. All of our products are Quality guaranteed, Modern and Contemporary ranges. Rest assured. So for Metal Coffee Tables and Other make sure you check our shop page.

Nest Of Tables

We stock a huge range of Contemporary style Nest of Tables within our Site. Affordable Solid Wood Nest Tables that can easily tuck under each other in a corner of your living room. Nest Tables save space and are useful when you want to use for Coffee or Food and want to put away right after use. One of our Modern Range Nest of Tables are supplied by KOKOON with sleek Danish design, and guaranteed to satisfy your desire. Our Italian range of Nest of Tables are also the best in the world. From designers such as Mogg, Kartell, Connubia Calligaris, Bontempi, Devia Nais, Tonin Casa and much more… You can find real glass and strong plastic Nest of Tables within our site. Whatever your style, we have it!

Garden Furniture & Garden Tables

Do not let summer past without paying attention to your Garden Decor. We are pleased to announce that we now stock a large range of Garden Furniture, Garden Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Garden Seating and much more. Most of our Garden Range is Designer and can be found on our Garden Section.

What is different about us?

Möble Furniture UK are a family based company who are very intricate in their business conduct. We add our personal touch to every order and allow our customers to have the most smoothest experience from the time they place their order online, to the furniture being delivered to their door. Most of our contemporary furniture are stocked here in the UK and are not drop shipped from suppliers abroad, saving you time and furnishing your house rapidly. We also specialize in custom made tables that do take longer for delivery as they are hand made with love. These will appear on site as stock becomes available.

Another main factor that differentiates us from other suppliers is that we specialise only in tables. We know how frustrating it  can be if you are shopping for a table online but have to search various sites with lots of other furniture which can be a distraction and rather a hard task for some, to find what you are looking for. We simply do tables. As for range, we are constantly expanding it for more of a selection to our customers.

Green power…

The furniture we sell are from ethically sourced materials and wood. We are against the chopping down of the Rain forests and we do contribute to the preservation of these forests including regrowth and regeneration. Möble Furniture UK are very serious about who they source there supplies from and take preventative measures to stay clear from unethically sourced materials that are detrimental to the environment such as verifying suppliers and actually visiting the plantations built for furniture purposes only.


Möble Furniture UK also supply accessories for home such as stools, table lamps, mugs, rugs and more. So be sure to visit our accessories section.

Danish & Italian Designer

If you are looking for high end residential furniture and it is a table you are looking for then you have come to the right place. We stock a vast range of genuine Scandinavian style tables and also Italian tables. Everything we advertise as Italian is actually manufactured in Italy.  Our Danish style brand which is called Kokoon is a very well known modern designer of Furniture. All Kokoon Range Tables and accessories are manufactured in Belgium. We do not sell cheap remakes or Furniture from China.

About us

Möble Furniture (Coffee Tables UK) is a London based online furniture Company who were founded by tight knit like minded entrepreneurs.

Our market is specific which is Tables and Table accessories. Our approach is simplicity and straightforward. Some shoppers online only want to shop for a Coffee Table or Table accessories. So, we have made it easy. We have a collection of Modern and contemporary Tables. High end residential to office use.  Why scramble through tonnes of site links on other sites when you can simply shop on ours and find it all in one place.

We have handpicked the most quality and popular items and placed them all here. Some of our brands on our site are only exclusive to us and hard to find elsewhere. Also bearing in mind, we are UK based with our customer services also based here. So we are in reach with quality customer liaison and an after sales team. Read more about us…

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Shelly sanderson

Home Owner

Great little table for my small but lush living room. This has definitely added the ‘wow’ factor to my surroundings. Italian makes are possibly the best in the world. This company were very attentive and offered quick delivery.

Nadia Shemrani

Home Owner

Amazed by the quality of this designer Glass table. Have heard that Connubia are one of the best brands for glass tables in the world. It was easy to spot quality on this site. Thanks guys. Will definitely recommend for quality and speedy delivery.

Louise Mccollough

Salon Owner

I was looking for a feminine coffee table for my small salon where I can offer my clients tea whilst they wait.  This Kartell table is very elegant and definitely suits my need. I will be ordering a few more soon. Thank you 🙂

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